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Determining Size and Shape

Swimming Pool to the Users Needs

Swimming Pool Size and Shape

Space around the swimming pool

The Shell that holds the Water

You can have a Spa, too

Metal and Plastic Sidewall Swimming Pools

Prefabricated on-ground sidewall swimming pool

Aluminum Sidewalls

For an aluminum shell, prefabricated panels are bolted together or extruded sections are interlocked with each other. The interlocking type allows for the design of free-form pools usually of specific shapes that fit prefabricated liners.

Steel Sidewalls

Panels fabricated from galvanized steel are bolted together and supported by frames on the backside.

Plastic Sidewalls

The use of molded plastic polymers for sidewall panels is relatively new. The panels are strong and lightweight, and do not corrode or deteriorate in the ground. The material gives pool manufacturers an option against the increasing costs of steel and aluminum.

Masonry Blocks sidewalls

These are build in the same manner as described in Masonry Block Pools, except that they do not have to be leak-proof. The walls must be covered with smooth cement plaster to prevent tears and punctures in the liner, and they must be built to the exact size required by the prefabricated liner.

Wood Sidewalls

Advances made in recent years in pressure treating wood to prevent rot and infestation make it possible to build a long-life wood shell for a vinyl-lined pool.

Other Swimming pool constrution materials are; Gunite, Poured Concrete, Hand-Packed Concrete, Masonry Blocks, Vinyl-lined Pools, Metal or Plastic Sidewall Pools, Fiberglass Pools, Fiberglass Shells and Hybrid Fiberglass, and Portable Pools.
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